How to make a leak-free connection every time

Following the government’s new build strategy, 180,000 affordable homes arre set to be built in the UK between now and 2026. Nigel Sanger from RWC UK discusses how leak proof plumbing products liuke MDPE push-fit fittings are essential to ensure that projects are more efficient and problem free.

In the wake of the UK Government’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ strategy and as the economy is slowly recovering from the global pandemic of 2020, it is no secret that construction has been catapulted into overdrive. 

As house building significantly increases, the danger is that it is at the expense of quality installation and construction. Building leak proof homes helps prevent unexpected plumbing-related problems and homes from suffering water damage, while saving consumers’ money and conserving water. WaterSafe is already committed to this cause and highlights that “about a quarter of leaks are found in the underground pipes which connect properties to water mains.”

Going underground

Installing underground pipes can be tricky and frustrating, as they are assembled in a confined workspace and muddy conditions. Incorrectly fitted underground pipes can cause catastrophic effects months down the line. This includes huge costs to customers and the environment, as thousands of gallons of water could potentially end up being wasted through leaks, as well as time and money to installers and developers to rectify the problem.

Two of the biggest issues when plumbing underground pipework can be that trenches are muddy, reducing visibility, and abrasive contaminants like stones or other debris could easily damage the fitting or pipework. When weather conditions are poor, visibility can be low too. This makes it difficult for installers to determine if a secure, water-tight seal has been made, particularly if using fittings with compression connections. Compression fittings can also become loose over time, which then causes leaks that are hard to rectify.

To ensure a solid foundation within the building process, reliable and robust products must be used with underground pipework. MDPE (medium-density polyethylene) fittings, sometimes known as ‘black and blue’ fittings, are specifically designed to cope with a rough underground life. Push-fit MDPE fittings can speed up installation of the mains water supply into a house, alongside future-proofing the system for years to come.

Made to last

Built with a strong and heavy-duty material, MDPE fittings, like those in the JG Speedfit range, significantly reduce the risk of future issues. These fittings have a built-in seal, and the connection is made by simply pushing the pipe into it. This diminishes the chance of exposing the interior of the pipework to contamination.

To connect a compression tee however, you will need three nuts, three seals, and three inserts, which must be assembled onto the pipe piece by piece. Connecting these components in muddy trenches can take time, whereas push-fit technology makes these jobs a lot easier, faster and more reliable. Unlike compressions fittings, the MDPE push-fit fittings also don’t need to be rotated once laid into the ground to create a secure connection. 

Like other JG Speedfit products, no specialist tools are required, making them extremely quick and easy to fit in tight and awkward spaces with poor visibility. The fittings are fully demountable, by removing the collet cover and pushing down on the collet itself. The stainless-steel grab ring offers a weather resistant seal, and the one-year guarantee give additional piece of mind.

Time savers

With a directive from the UK Government to build faster, build greener and build better houses, installers and contractors need to ensure the products they are using will be reliable, quick, and easy to install. Push-fit MDPE fittings ensure you can create a reliable and leak-proof connection every time, while helping to conserve water for years to come. 

Our technical teams are on hand if you need assistance with installing underground pipework and can help you select the right products and provide best practice advice. 

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