How to persuade your customers to upgrade

Developing good sales skills comes secondary to technical proficiency for most installers, but good product knowledge and having an understanding of their features and benefits is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction. Paul Pickford from Aqualisa outlines the benefits to installers of being able to upsell. 

Although higher-end products represent a bigger spend for customers, they are likely to save a lot of money and hassle down the line in the way of costly repairs or replacement parts for lesser quality goods. This fact can be tricky to convey to clients hoping to save money on home improvements, but ensuring customers have all the relevant information is the best customer service an installer can provide. Upselling skills can come in handy when navigating these conversations, both during the initial contact and while working on the job. 

By keeping up to speed with what the market has to offer, you can use this industry knowledge to match each individual to the solutions they need

Know your customer

Every customer is different, so in order to fully appreciate how they could benefit from the systems you offer, it’s vital to put yourself in their shoes. Each individual’s lifestyle and daily needs dictate how and where improvements can be made.

 Upselling is most relevant when you can offer better efficiency and convenience to what they are already willing to upgrade. This could mean an add on digital shower remote control for a customer with limited mobility, filter systems for hard water areas, or extra energy-saving functions for someone with an eco-conscious mentality.

Asking about a customer’s priorities will inform you how to personalise your sales pitch to their interests and needs and help to develop a more favourable working relationship.

Gain trust

Once a customer has hired you for a job, half the work is done in gaining their trust as they have recognised you as a professional with the skills needed to manage the job at hand. This authority can be used and built upon when it comes to discussing the best products to suit their needs and how to prevent potential issues in the future. Trust is earned, so ensuring open communication is crucial. 

There are three main factors in gaining client trust: firstly, that you have a full understanding of their household plumbing and the opportunities it provides. Secondly, that you have in-depth knowledge about the available products on the market. And thirdly, that you have an appreciation for their individual lifestyle and needs.

A customer that is already spending money with you is the ideal person to upsell to. Existing customers are 50% more likely to purchase further and are willing to spend 31% more for new products and services.

Provide solutions

Without demonstrating the value of the products you are aiming to upsell, the customer is unlikely to want to increase their budget. Genuine value comes from resolving problems that your customer is already facing or concerned about. 

People are looking for convenience and ways to improve their daily life, and contemporary products are designed with this in mind. By keeping up to speed with what the market has to offer, you can use this industry knowledge to match each individual to the solutions they need.

When a customer can see the clear benefit to spending extra money to save time, save money in the long run, or improve quality of experience, they are far more likely to align with what you are selling.

Share the benefits

At Aqualisa we believe a great day begins with a great shower. When a customer is ultimately satisfied with their new shower system and a job well done, they are far more likely to recommend their installer to their family and friends – upselling your service for you.

We understand that making the installer’s life easier makes for happy trade and personal consumers. We strive to design for ease of installation and offer rewards via our popular Installer Club. For more details about how to join, please visit the website below.

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