Installing a Grant VortexBlue boiler

Family run Newbury based installation company EPH System Ltd recently completed a boiler replacement in Berkshire, installing a new Grant VortexBlue Internal oil fired boiler. Here we follow the installation, step by step, and discover how the new boiler is meeting the heating demand of the property and its owners.

In Reading, Berkshire, a Grant VortexBlue Internal 36kW oil boiler, with an output range of 26-36kW, was selected and installed to restore heating to a five-bedroom detached property. The previous boiler had started to leak and was not working so the homeowner turned to their installer, EPH System Ltd, to discuss the options available to them. The recommendation was to install a VortexBlue model and change the site of the boiler from an outbuilding into the property’s garage.

Grant’s VortexBlue range includes internal, external and combi models ranging in output from 15 up to 36kW. Incorporating ultra-low NOx burner technology, the boilers have proved to be a popular choice for many heating engineers. For this Berkshire install, the homeowner was very impressed with the neatness of the boiler, the efficiency of their new heating system and the added peace of mind that comes with the boiler’s ten-year guarantee.

“Grant boilers are our boiler of choice,” comments Iain Bremner of EPH System. “I have been installing Vortex and VortexBlue oil fired boilers for well over 20 years now and they are my preferred brand for the ease of installation and the quality of the product. We are also always happy with the back-up service we get from Grant UK – from technical and customer services through to training, the support received is always excellent.”


After dismantling and removing the old oil boiler, position the new Grant VortexBlue Internal boiler fitted with a high-level balanced flue system.




Install the new pipework – including a Grant Mag One magnetic filter – to the flow and return connections in the top of the boiler.





Install the plastic condensate disposal pipe between the outlet of the trap and a suitable point of discharge



Install the electrical power supply and control system wiring and make the connections to the boiler using the correct terminals in the control panel.



Fill and vent the boiler and heating system.



Carry out the pre-commissioning checks including checking the overheat thermostat and control sensor, baffles, burner head, electrodes and nozzle.



Fire the boiler, wait for it to warm up, check the smoke number and then carry out combustion test, adjusting the air to set the correct CO2 in the flue gases.



Check the flow and return temperatures.



Provide a handover with the customer, explaining the operation of the boiler and system controls.



The Grant VortexBlue installation is complete.










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