Hybrid ventilation made affordable

With the aim of offering a more affordable  solution, Gilberts has value engineered a version of its MFS hybrid ventilation unit. 

This stand-alone ventilation, heating and cooling system is described as being cheaper while retaining quality and performance, by using less steel. It also makes it lighter in weight, potentially reducing transport costs and requiring less labour effort to install.

As a natural ventilation unit, the MFS uses its integral low energy fan to supplement airflow as conditions demand. MFS can be configured to run on 100% fresh air, using a LPHW coil to temper the air to provide Covid compliant ventilation without compromising the internal temperature. 

Integrated into the heating system – including heat pumps – Gilberts’ MFS can utilise the warmth generated from LPHW systems to warm or cool the internal space as needed, without the need for radiators and all associated ancillary capital costs.

Sales director Ian Rogers says: “MFS gives everyone involved in the building services supply chain, including the end customer/building occupants, a benefit. It is a genuine ‘win:win’, whether new build, refurbishment, re-purposing. The new MFS typifies Gilberts’ place as the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, engineering from concept quality products that meet or anticipate market forces and deliver for the environmental agenda.”

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