Indoor air quality explained in BEAMA video

BEAMA has launched a new video as part of its ongoing My Health My Home campaign to raise awareness of the health issues linked to poor indoor air quality, as well as the reasons why it occurs and the importance of ventilation in tackling it.

A recent poll of UK homeowners, commissioned by BEAMA, has shown that:

  • 65% had experienced the signs of poor indoor air quality in their home
  • 80% of respondents thought that indoor air quality was either as important to their health or more important than outdoor air
  • 65% would be willing to pay a small premium for a house with effective ventilation that maintained good indoor air quality
  • 73% thought that poor indoor air quality should be a health priority for government

The video has been produced to inform homeowners of the benefits of ventilation in helping to achieve good indoor air quality, as well as warning of the health risks associated with poor indoor air quality –  including asthma, allergy, and long-term exposure – is linked to heart disease and respiratory problems, including lung cancer.

BEAMA has long campaigned for improved indoor air quality through its ‘My Health My Home’ campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of poor indoor air and improving education on how to combat it through the use of properly installed, effective and well-maintained ventilation.

Colin Timmins of BEAMA comments: “Poor indoor air quality is an issue that could have serious health consequences if we do not act together – as homeowners, industry and Government. While we are working with industry and Government to deliver better ventilation systems in UK homes, householders also need to be aware of the impact they are having on their own indoor air, what this could mean for them and the steps they can take to improve it.”

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