Indoor air quality highlighted by clean air day

Today marks Clean air Day, an annual event organised by Global Action Plan that aims to raise awareness of the risks of air pollution and the simple things people can do to improve their air quality.

In the past, the focus was on outdoor air pollution, but Clean Air Day aims to highlight the devastating health impacts of poor IAQ too. 65% of homes in the UK suffer from poor IAQ as a result of inadequate ventilation. Poor air quality is proven to negatively impact on everyone’s health, increasing the risk of serious illnesses and making existing conditions, like respiratory disorders, worse.

Ventilation manufacturers are using Clean Air Day to make homeowners more aware of what they can do to raise the quality of the air inside their homes.  

Vent-Axia is urging people to check their air filters if they live in a home with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems. They need to be checked every three or six months, cleaned regularly and replaced twice a year, because they filter out microscopic particles like PM2.5 (including fine diesel particulates) dust and pollen. However, a dirty filter can recirculate these particles into the home and also adversely affect the efficiency of the ventilation system.

EnviroVent is using Clean Air Day to promote the benefits of its Home Health Check services. This indoor air test will check conditions such as temperature, moisture and humidity, as well as CO, volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde. The data is collected into a report which suggests solutions to improve indoor air quality. 

The company is giving people a chance to win a free indoor air quality test and detailed report on what’s lurking in their home. Just visit the Facebook page at and answer the competition question that appears on the page. The winner will be announced on Facebook on 15th July and will be contacted via email after the competition ends.

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