Installer app free trial extended through April

Vaillant has announced an extension to the free trial period for its myVAILLANT Pro app until April 2022.

The free trial will mean Advance installers can take advantage of a single view of their installations, offer customers extra levels of service and support, and unlock potential new revenue streams.

With the app, installers can remotely monitor their boiler installations while viewing real time data insights on faults, all with the touch of a button. This insight can help installers improve their service efficiency and even identify the parts required for a repair ahead of a visit helping to increase first time fix rates.

Unlike similar apps, myVAILLANT Pro offers several different packages for installers which are based on the app’s features as opposed to how many installations they would like to connect. What’s more, its increased functionality means that installers can even back-date installs to get a more comprehensive picture of their customer base.

Spencer Clark, commercial director for UK & Ireland at Vaillant Group, says: “For many in our industry the challenges of the last year and a half have had a massive effect. Combining real time data, together with remote diagnostics, the new myVAILLANT Pro app is a great addition to any installer’s business arsenal, meaning they can work smarter, not harder.

“Having worked alongside a number of installers to develop myVAILLANT Pro, a lot of the feedback we received was around fault codes. So, we developed the fault code assistant – a feature that works offline, allowing installers to use the code assistant to select an appliance and get detailed information on the status of the fault code, before providing all relevant diagnostics insights.”

Grant Gundelfinger, from Mayfly Group, adds: “As an installer, we’ve all had customers say: ‘well it was doing it before you arrived’. Typically, this can mean a repair becomes a fault-finding mission and this often takes a lot of time. Having used myVAILLANT Pro for a while now, it’s really helped me streamline my business. I can use the real-time diagnostics to identify faults, and, on a few occasions, I’ve even been able to spot an issue before the homeowner, which has really impressed them.

“By seeing faults ahead of entering a customer’s home, I’ve been able to not only better plan my day, but it also means that when I arrive at the property, I’ve been able to get the parts needed too, so I can often complete the repair without the need to return for a second visit, it’s really increased my productivity.”

myVAILLANT Pro requires permission from homeowners for installers to gain insight via the app. For more details on myVAILLANT Pro, or to register for Advance and take advantage of the free trial period, visit

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