Installers struggle to find time to train

A busy working week is the biggest obstacle to on-going training – that’s the conclusion of a new study from Baxi. In a survey of hundreds of installers carried out by the boiler manufacturer, it emerged that 39% said they struggle to attend training courses as they simply don’t have the time. Other reasons included having nothing available nearby, and having planned to attend but cancelled due to time pressures.

Despite this, it’s clear that installers do sometimes manage to find the time to get down to their local training centre. The research also shows 51%t believe training helps them to work more smartly and efficiently, whilst 49%t enjoy getting tips and tricks from their peers. In fact, the same research also found that 73% of installers gave its courses a 100% satisfaction rating, showing that it really is worth installers taking some time out of their day.

Steve Owen, National Training Manager at Baxi, comments: “We know training is a two-way street, and that manufactures have a responsibility to make their courses accessible, interesting and informative. Our research found that over half of installers strongly agreed that offering training demonstrates a commitment to them, and committed is exactly what we are.

“At Baxi we believe that the greater the installer’s knowledge of their trade, the more they can offer to their customers. Training offers installers the opportunity to network with their peers, share knowledge and experiences, and even potentially form new business relationships.”

To help installers to learn at their convenience, the company now publishes regular videos across social media every Tuesday. Each week one of its expert trainers covers a different topic, ranging from servicing and maintenance to installation and repairs. At no more than 45 seconds in length, these bitesize lessons help bring the classroom to installers, wherever they are.

However, there’s no substitute for getting hands on and ‘learning by doing’, so Baxi says that it is crucial that installers try to plan ahead and fit in training courses. The company offers a range of free, paid and accredited courses from 17 training centres across the UK and Ireland. To find out more, visit

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