Invoice for free on the go

Described as invoicing for the WhatsApp generation, Albert is a free mobile invoicing facility for self-employed people. Created by a team behind the award-winning Natwest, The BBC and YPlan mobile apps, Albert makes invoicing fast and simple while on the go.

Described as easy and convenient to use, Albert removes the daily hassle of sorting invoices and the chore of staying on top of accounts.

Ivo Weevers, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Albert, says: “Being freelancers ourselves, travelling and working around the world, we knew the pain and hassles of getting our finances done for our own little one-man enterprises. And these issues were echoed by many of our own freelancing friends.

“Bearing in mind that – on average – UK freelancers are paid 21 days late, speed matters when it comes to invoicing. Albert makes it fast, fun and simple to create and send personalised, beautiful invoices from your mobile.

“Faster invoicing typically means faster payment, with 80% of users who invoice on the final day of a project getting paid on time.”

To download the free Albert app, click here.

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