Keep heating under control with ATAG Commercial

ATAG Commercial’s range of condensing gas boilers can be enhanced with the company’s advanced suite of heating controls. ATAG Commercial offers controls suitable for single domestic combination boilers up to multiple boiler installations with zone controls for larger domestic and commercial applications.

The flagship controller in the ATAG Commercial portfolio is the BrainQ, an advanced digital thermostat utilising the latest in heating technology. In contrast to a standard timer thermostat, this device ensures the boiler continues to burn at low power, even once the set temperature has been reached. Doing so ensures heat remains constant, while the set temperature is maintained without fluctuating. Plus, BrainQ thermostats can also be fitted to work in conjunction with ATAG Commercial’s outside temperature sensor.

BrainQ thermostats are both self-supporting and self-learning, so it regulates and adjusts a heating system according to end users’ requirements. It also boasts an array of special features, including holiday and continuous heating modes.

Elsewhere, the BrainZ is a programmable OpenTherm room thermostat, designed to work in combination with the ATAG Commercial Control Management System (CMS). The BrainZ is both self-supporting and self-learning, so it requires minimal manual adjustment. In addition to regulating water temperatures, the unit’s display provides users with all the information they need on the status of their heating system. Other features include a holiday mode, ensuring energy is not wasted during periods when a property has been left unoccupied for a set period of time.

For boilers installed in a cascade system and for systems requiring a separate zone control, ATAG Commercial has produced the MadQ, which can either be wall mounted or inserted into a boiler’s front panel. When used as a cascade controller, the unit incorporates individual boiler control and automatic boiler switching for up to eight boilers. Alternatively, as a zone controller, the device can manage up to three separate zones – each with their own individual time, temperature and heating curve settings. The MadQ is compatible with all major BMS systems and compatible with the ATAG Commercial 0-10 volt controller.

Finally, WiZe is a programable modulating thermostat, designed for extra efficiency and comfort. Another self-learning control, the WiZe adjusts daily to determine when the boiler has to fire up in the morning, to ensure it reaches the required temperature by the set time. This ‘switch-on optimisation’ also takes into account the rate at which temperatures fluctuate during the day and at night.

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