Keeping track of sludge removal

Claimed to be the biggest advance in magnetic filtration since the launch of the first MagnaClean 15 years ago, the new MagnaClean Professional3 Sense from ADEY is WiFi connected to enable it to predict potential system problems and provide preventative maintenance.

WiFi and battery-powered monitoring technology enables the new filter to self-detect how much sludge has been captured and removed from circulation.

Using the company’s Sense technology, the filter is able to detect the level of magnetite collected, preventing ongoing system damage by alerting installers to problems which can then be addressed before it’s too late. Installers can access information via the ProClub app, which also provides real-time updates if required.

Magnetite capture can be monitored both in situ using LED indicators on the canister, or remotely via regularly scheduled or real-time updates sent to the app. The app provides installers with control and visibility of all MagnaClean Professional3 Sense filters they’ve fitted, reporting magnetite and battery levels, service information and reminders and recommended remedial actions to maintain system health. It also enables automated warranty registration.

Money saver
“The addition of our new sensing technology helps installers to save their customers time and money by taking corrective action and negating the need for unexpected costly repairs,” says Product Director Helen Isherwood. “As the industry’s first WiFi enabled filter, it will not only revolutionise the way in which installers do their jobs, but also present them with an opportunity to talk to customers about heating system protection.”

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