Kneepads like ‘kneeling on a cloud’

For knees that need maximum protection from stress and strain, Recoil kneepads use a use a coil spring pressure reduction system to absorb the impact and spread the pressure evenly across the joint. Described as feeling like ‘kneeling on a cloud’, they feature a heavy-duty chassis that provides multiple flexibility for every movement, with the spring system sandwiched between the inner and outer layer for greater manoeuvrability. 

Recoil kneepads have been engineered for both protection and comfort, and are claimed to reduce pressure on the knees by 76%. With soft, secure straps, they can be comfortably worn without them digging in or chafing the leg. 

The kneepads are available with the option of removable floor covers, an accessory that ensures delicate surfaces remain protected from debris that may be transferred from one surface to another. 

Recoil kneepads were invented by the daughter of a carpenter, Gordon Hamilton, who had been suffering from severe knee pain and arthritis. Gordon had complained of pain and discomfort in his knees and had been unable to find suitable kneepads on the market. His daughter Vicky, a product designer, was inspired to develop a solution to aid her Dad at work and allow him to continue in the occupation he loves.

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