Leak defence systems could lower costs for homeowners

New research from tech start-up Hero Labs shows growing awareness among consumers of the benefits of smart leak defence systems.

Smart leak defenders are devices that monitor water flow in the home and allow homeowners to switch off the water supply if they detect unusual activity that indicates a leak. By catching and addressing leaks early, homeowners can prevent lasting damage to their home. This reduces the likelihood that they will need to make a claim on their home insurance. Every year the insurance industry forks out £657 million for domestic escape of water claims. 

According to Hero Labs, these systems are growing in popularity in the UK – 43% of households say they plan to install one in the next three years. This is because more than two fifths (44%) have had a leak in their home, which took 12 days to detect on average. Small, hidden leaks were the most common (31%), meaning the vast majority of consumers (81%) only discovered the leak when it had already caused damage, such as water stains, a collapsed ceiling, or soaked carpet.


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