Made for retrofitting PIV unit fits into almost any loft space

New from Manrose is the Lo-Watt Pivotal Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). Designed to remove stale, moist air from the home and replace it with filtered, drier air, to prevent the moisture build up that can cause condensation and mould, the Lo-Watt Pivotal is also said to be energy efficient and cost effective. 

Suitable for retrofitting, the loft-mounted unit features a positive input fan that draws fresh air from the loft, filters it and gently feeds it into the dwelling via a ceiling-mounted diffuser to dilute and replace contaminated, moisture-laden air.

With low sound levels and low running costs, the Lo-Watt Pivotal also saves energy by using tempered air from the loft and recycling the heat for free. It benefits from high efficiency, long-lasting motors that help reduce running costs. The unit is also made using recycled material, offering a more sustainable choice for households.

The PIV unit is simple to install and commission in any size loft, with only a hole in the ceiling required to fit the diffuser, no external penetrations are needed. Designed to make both electricians and electrical wholesalers’ lives easier, the PIV comes complete with a ceiling diffuser, flexible duct and G4 filters, plus hanging kit and floor mounting base all as standard. 

Easy and safe to carry, the lightweight PIV features a handle incorporated into the unit, which is especially useful when lifting the unit through loft hatches.


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