Magnetic low loss header and insulation kits join the line-up

Designed for use with the Evomax 2, Ideal Commercial has enhanced its range of cascade accessories with the introduction of Magnetic Low Loss Header and Cascade Insulation kits.

The new kit is available in four different sizes to match Evomax 2 header kits. The magnetic low loss header offers an additional approach to hydraulic separation whilst providing a solution that is space efficient by combining a low loss header and a magnetic filter. Butterfly valves for system isolation are available as an optional extra. The new header supplements the low loss header and brazed plate heat exchanger hydraulic separation options already available for Evomax 2 cascade installations.

Ideal Commercial says insulation on a cascade installation does improve operational efficiency. Following feedback from customers, its new insulation kits improve on the insulation previously offered on Evomax and Evomax 2 header kits. Made from robust expanded polypropylene, the insulation kits consist of modular sections which are combined to encase a range of headers, including the low loss and magnetic low loss headers.

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