Mains booster pumps are a simple solution

The new mains booster range from Salamander Pumps is aimed at creating a simple solution to boosting mains water pressure and flow.

The new range, comprising 11 different products, features inline pumps and accumulator tanks, and is designed to provide a quiet, lightweight, easy-to-install solution for all domestic and light commercial mains water boosting.

The mains boosting range includes: CombiBoost – an entry-level inline pump boosting mains water flow up to 10 litres per minute; HomeBoost – an intelligent inline mains pump that recognises when water pressure and flow are low and automatically boosts the incoming mains water up to 12 litres/min;  AccuBoost – a range of accumulators which store mains cold water at pressure before releasing the water into the system when an outlet is opened. Salamander’s AccuBoost range comprises five different sizes: 60, 120, 180, 300, 450 litres, with all sizes except the 60  litre available in pumped and unpumped models. 

The tanks are manufactured from lightweight composite vessels, rather than traditional steel, reducing the weight significantly compared with some other accumulators on the market.

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