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A range of medical gas fittings is available from Conex Bänninger, a manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings. Medical gas fittings help specialist pipe networks circulate a wide range of essential gas compounds around hospitals, including: oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and medical air.

Made of copper with its antimicrobial properties, the company’s fittings require a copper-to-copper braze installation – the only type of jointing method permitted on medical sites, allowing for capillary attraction to ensure a mechanically strong, leak-proof joint. The copper alloy products within the range are also manufactured from red brass materials with high resistance to corrosion.

Available in a comprehensive size range from 6-159mm, each medical gas fitting is degreased on the surface to below 0.01 mg/cm2 of hydrocarbons contamination, and complies to HTM 02-01 medical gas pipeline regulations, which minimises any opportunity for impurity. The low profile of the fittings allow for a neat joint, especially where space is restricted, and helps reduce flow restriction.

The complete medical gas product range is quality assured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and independently tested and certified for cleanliness. This process is completed to the highest standard with each unit capped, sealed and cleaned in accordance with BOC/MEDAES 3000000 specification, and carrying the BSI Kitemark stamp of approval.

Furthermore, each product is individually bagged in clear, protective polythene and boast an easily removable label, stating the degreased specification, product code and product batch number.

Bill Barlow, Conex Bänninger’s UK Business Unit Director, states: “We take great pride in the fact that our Medical Gas specialist copper brazed fittings deliver excellence across the board, ensuring the highest possible quality, reliability and durability is met for all medical gas installations in the UK and across our global network. Ultimately, a hospital’s medical gas connection network is as important as the treatment itself, and our products ensure that these vital compounds are successfully delivered to medical practices for patients in need, and quality is never compromised.”

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