Manifold for mixed supply

Now offering a ‘smart’ manifold, Multipipe has developed a control system for all types of hot water heating systems. Designed to simplify system design for architects and engineers, it allows the user to adapt each outlet to the temperature for each individual circuit of pipe. The maximum temperature applicable is 80°C, with a minimum temperature of 7°C for cooling applications.

The all-in-one system is said to be compatible with all high and low temperature generators.

It can accommodate mixed supply temperature whole-house heating installations from the same manifold including underfloor heating with radiators, towel rails or trench heating, removing the need for two or more manifolds. It can also serve a mixed floor construction underfloor heating system, such as screed floors mixed with timber suspended or overlay solutions, and can even allow for localised high output areas.

Mike Young, MD of Multipipe, comments: “This new smart manifold uses exciting technology that further revolutionises heating installations. We believe that this unique precision technology has the capability to save installers time and money on projects by enabling them to set individual circuit temperatures.” 

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