Market offers plenty of potential

Now that the Government has confirmed that it will extend funding for the Renewable Heat Incentive, renewable technologies remain an attractive option for consumers. Here, Charlie Lamb, Sales Director at Windhager, examines the potential for biomass installers.

For many years wood pellet biomass boilers have been a main-stream heating appliance in mainland Europe and, with the help of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), wood pellet boilers have now become a popular option to heating UK homes.

Consumers are becoming more informed of the various options that are open to them as well as the environmental and economic advantages of installing a renewable energy system such as a wood pellet boiler. It is essential that installers keep abreast of the latest technology and incentives to be able to promote them to their customers and to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive market.

Biomass boom
The UK has seen a dramatic increase in the number of biomass wood pellet boilers installed in recent years. This has been driven in the main by historically high oil, LPG and electricity prices, which have particularly hit rural communities where fuel poverty is a major issue. In today’s economic climate professional heat-ing installers have the unique opportunity to offer environmentally friendly heating appliances to their customers with the added advantage of a significant financial contribution from the Government. The Autumn Statement delivered in November confirmed that the Government is to extend the RHI until 2021/2022.

Wood pellet boilers are fully automated and consumer interaction is minimal, with some appliances, such as the Windhager BioWIN 2 Exklusiv model, requiring ash to be removed only once a year, and this should coincide with the annual service.

Get the credentials
Training is seen as an essential element in providing heating engineers and installation companies with the appropriate knowledge and skills to enable them to feel comfortable with the technology. Many installation companies consider that having the option to be able to offer their customers a wood pellet boiler as part of a new heating system or as a replacement of an existing old inefficient fossil fuel boiler to be very important. The added advantage of being able to gain business whilst creating a professional and competitive offering, plus delivering customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of government funding, is unique.

Consumers are now much more energy and environmentally aware and appreciate being given options and informed advice on what is a very important decision. The choice of which appliance and fuel to invest in to provide the heating and hot water to their home efficiently and reliably is one of the major investments any home owner will make, the boiler being the most used individual appliance in any home.

Wood pellet boilers are environmentally friendly and wood pellet fuel is measured as carbon neutral, sustainable and renewable. Consumers who install an MCS approved wood pellet boiler will not only reduce their heating bills but can also receive a long term financial return through the RHI scheme.

Full service
At Windhager we can provide a complete system solution from boiler to controls through to fuel delivery systems. With a team of office based technical advisers and field based technical sales staff, all aspects of the design, specification, CAD drawings and advice is available to installers and consumers, providing peace of mind throughout the sales and specification process. Once a system has been delivered and installed, we offer an onsite commissioning and hand over service to the installation company and consumer.

This comprehensive service provides a complete turnkey solution and peace of mind with the knowledge that the system will function reliably and efficiently, providing heat and comfort to the consumer for many years. An after sales service is also available for ongoing service requirements through our customer service department and fully trained field service engineers or through the WIN network of partners.

Increased consumer awareness combined with government incentives and a move towards mainstream demand make this an ideal time for progressive heating professionals to consider adding biomass to their product offering. We offer both technical training on our products and MCS, the industry required training to enable installers to gain the necessary status to access the RHI for their customers.

Find out more
Founded in 1921, Windhager develops and manufactures its products in Austria and distributes the full range of pellet boilers from its UK headquarters and training facility in South Gloucestershire. For more information on Windhager’s range of biomass boilers and energy management systems, as well as training options, click the link below

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