MCS and Benchmark join forces for faster data entry

With the aim of removing the need for multiple pieces of paperwork to separately commission and certify a heat pump system, it has been announced that commissioning through Benchmark Online and certification via the MCS Installations Database are set to be integrated. This will result in a single point of data entry and simplify the process for MCS certified heat pump contractors.

Two years ago, Benchmark transformed its previous paper-based checklist into an easy-to-use app and the addition of heat pumps has been made to reflect the growth of this sector. The MCS Product Directory, representing the more than 100 manufacturers’ MCS certified heat pump products, will remain the source of product data, again ensuring a single point of data entry and ensuring a consistent reference for tried and tested products.

Using the app, installers will only have to input installation once before the MCS certified company completes the remainder of the form and issues a certificate.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, comments: “Benchmark’s addition of heat pumps plays a crucial step in the normalisation of low carbon heating. It reflects the growth of the market and the aspirations of the industry. The opportunity to integrate our systems with a single data entry point now providing commissioning, certification and into notification through the certification bodies is a major step forward for heat pumps.”

Chris Jessop, chair of the Benchmark Steering Committee, adds: “Installer feedback has been at the helm of Benchmark Online design and enhancement over the years, and now promises seamless usability. This collaborative project is a nod to the future, taking a large step towards a decarbonised, digitalised heating economy.”

MCS and Benchmark will be attending PHEX South at Stamford Bridge Stadium 22-23 November. Join them on stands 9 and 7 respectively to learn more about the integration and watch the demonstration of the first live registration on the app at 12pm on Wednesday 22 November.

To find out more and download the app, visit the Benchmark website here

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