Microwave boilers on their way

UK energy technology company, Heat Wayv, is claiming a world-first with its new innovation, a microwave boiler that offers a zero-emissions replacement for gas boilers. They are expected to be available before 2025, when gas boilers are set to be banned from new build homes.

The microwave boilers heat water using microwave technology, already found in over 93% of UK homes. The company claims that they can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 24% as well as offer a safer and more reliable heating system, while also cutting maintenance requirements.

The new boilers also eliminate carbon monoxide and the associated risks of CO poisoning. With a similar overall size, cost and throughput to current gas boilers, the Heat Wayv microwave boiler will be a plumbing-compatible replacement for existing gas boilers and are planned for availability before the cut-off begins.

“The end of the gas boiler is inevitable and scheduled,” explains Phil Stevens, co-founder of Heat Wayv. “But the proposed replacement technologies do not work for consumers as they are either too expensive to install or too expensive to run. We looked for a clean technology where the boiler would cost the consumer the same to buy, same to install and same to run as a gas boiler. The answer is the microwave boiler as it is a trusted technology in our homes already and one that can be brought to market before the 2025 gas boiler shut down begins.”

The Heat Wayv microwave boilers are already in engineering design, with reference products completed for small and large home applications. The company is working with leading semiconductor companies for some of its componentry and a contract manufacturer that should enable the new microwave boilers to be manufactured and available for installation before 2025.

Initial target markets for microwave boilers will be new build homes and housing associations.

“With the UK moving rapidly towards electrification to meet the demands for an expansion of electric vehicle charging and the need to decarbonise the home,” says Paul Atherton, co-founder of Heat Wayv, “we knew that we had to provide a solution that quickly and safely meets this agenda as well as delivering plug-and-play simplicity to enable ease of transition. The beauty of our microwave boiler platform is that it is completely compatible with existing home radiators, easy to install and maintain, but with zero emissions. As the UK and the world moves to renewable energy, we need to have appliances that are zero-emissions in the home, but also connected so that the devices can work intelligently with the grid.”

Developed over four years by the Heat Wayv engineering team, the microwave boilers use an integrated electronics’ approach to create a highly efficient microwave heating system. This enables an energy efficiency of over 96% which means that consumers’ costs for heating water in the home will be the same or less than with current gas boilers.

Heat Wayv is a new company created specifically to bring microwave boilers to market. Founded by Paul Atherton and Phil Stevens, the company specialises microwave electronics and product design. Prior to Heat Wayv, the founders were responsible for the design and manufacturing of portable microwave appliances for military applications in the field.


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