Internet enabled controls install in 10 minutes

The miGenie Wishes range from Drayton is a collection of internet connected heating control packs, designed to make smart technology simple.

The packs feature heating controls similar to the MiTime and MiStat range, however they benefit from smart technology via an intuitive app. This allows homeowners to remotely regulate their heating and hot water.

Products contained within the miGenie Wishes are pre-bound and have a standard backplate, meaning they are easy to retrofit and can be installed straight from the box in as little as ten minutes. The controls are simple to operate too, featuring familiar buttons and icons, and step-by-step instructions for set up.

The Wish 1 pack includes a single channel controller, room thermostat and internet gateway, suitable for time and temperature control of combination boilers, giving the installer the option to upgrade controls without the need for re-wiring.

The Wish 2 pack includes a dual-channel controller, room thermostat and internet gateway for time and temperature control of conventional boilers. Installers can upgrade time control and thermostat without re-wiring and use with an existing cylinder thermostat.

The Wish 3 pack includes a multi-channel controller, two room thermostats and internet gateway. It is the option for time and temperature control in larger properties, and an existing cylinder thermostat can be wired in so that two thermostats provide zone control for heating.

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