Milton Keynes plumber breaks barriers at care home

Milton Keynes based Grand Union Plumbing and Heating has joined forces with a number of other businesses to build a COVID-secure visiting booth free of charge just days before Christmas Eve. Residents of Bletchley House care home in Milton Keynes will be able to safely see and hug loved ones over the festive period thanks to their help.

Grand Union’s Mitch Moxon stepped in after seeing a call for help on the Tattenhoe Traders Facebook page, offering to supply all labour free of charge.

The new visitor booth means those visiting Bletchley House will no longer need to stand outside in the cold and wet winter weather to speak to loved ones through the window. It allows visitors to remain warm and avoid the worst of the winter weather while still being able to see and speak to residents. The visiting booth also includes a COVID-secure hug window, with the visitor able to place their arms into special gloves and physically (and safely) hug the person they are visiting.

Mitch Moxon, director of Grand Union Plumbing and Heating, says: “When we first visited the site we got an idea of how much a visiting booth like this would really help and how it could make a difference not just now over the festive period but in the months of uncertainty we’re still facing. We were especially motivated to help after seeing visitors standing outside the windows of the home in the freezing cold in order to be able to visit family members. Seeing the booth in use makes all of our hard work worthwhile!”

Nicki Woolley, who is the administrator of the Tattenhoe Traders Facebook page and who initially issued the plea for help, adds: “I have great pleasure in announcing that the ‘visiting pod’ we built at Bletchley House Care Home is finished and ready to use. This has been a long time coming for us, we’ve had a few challenges along the way but our amazing traders managed to complete this pod with very little notice. I cannot express how grateful Bletchley House Care Home and I are to everyone who has made this possible.”

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