More ways to protect your van from theft

Industry supply specialist, Zoro, has released an infographic that may help installers better protect their vans from theft.

Pointing to research from the Federation of Master Builders, Zoro says that 83% of builders have experienced tool theft, and a van is broken into every 23 minutes.

Alongside this, tool theft can take its toll on workers’ mental health, with 15% of builders having suffered from anxiety, one in ten builders (11%) suffering from depression, and some reporting experiences of panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

The following is a list of Zoro’s recommendations on how to protect your van and tools from thieves:

• Don’t use the roof rack and trials for overnight storage
• Remove tools from van or secure the in a van vault overnight
• Mark tools with a UV pen
• Park against a wall to prevent peel and steel method
• Install a CCTV where you park your van
• Install silent alarms that send notifications to your mobile
• Install siren alarms
• Use a steering wheel lock or a wheel clamp
• Place a DPS tracker to help recover your van if it’s stolen
• Use an electrical engine immobiliser
• Add security deadlocks, slam locks, and stopcocks to sliding or barn doors
• Get any windows tinted and fitted with steel grilles
• Advertise anti-theft measures with stickers and signs

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