Naturefoam improves environmental credentials

As a specialist in the development of synthetic foams, NMC has launched Naturefoam, which is based on renewable raw materials. This innovation has improved the climate and energy performance of NMC products and helps towards protecting the climate and resources.

Naturefoam is made mainly from polyethylene manufactured from sugarcane, a renewable resource that grows back every year, absorbing CO2 as it grows. Naturefoam is available for NMC brands Climaflex and Exzentroflex.

The environmental product declaration (EPD) for the Climaflex range made of Naturefoam as certified by the IBU (Institute for Construction & Environment) shows that the CO2 emission in the entire production process from cradle to the factory gate could be reduced to zero. In the production of the previous Climaflex formulation these emissions amounted to 62.8kg CO2 per cubic meter of foam, whereas in common rubber insulation they can come between 200-220kg per cubic meter of foam.

Technical pipe insulation products carrying the brands Climaflex and Exzentroflex are improved by the use of at least 50% renewable materials. Recycled manufacturing scrap and additives to improve insulation values and fire protection complete the composition.

Climaflex and Exzentroflex incorporating Naturefoam have the same technical properties as the previous Climaflex in terms of insulation values, fire performance, ease of installation and longevity.

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