New initiative protects bathroom installers

The British Institute of KBB Installation (BiKBBI) has launched Protected, a digital platform that connects customers with installers while supporting the project and protecting the relationship in a number of ways.

Customers are linked with local installers via the website and installers are sent contact details to form a direct relationship. The platform works on a one-job for one-installer basis, so Protected registered installers will not be in competition for the same customer. There’s no cost for installers to join the platform, no lead-fees, and no deductions from projects. It’s completely free to installers.

The platform then takes care of the admin, helping to schedule appointments, create quotes, and create a Trading Standards approved agreement between them and their customer. Installers produce their own quotes and have flexibility to adjust regional pricing to suit the project specifics.

Once the agreement is made, the customer pays a deposit to secure an installation date, into a third-party payment processor and protected by an escrow agreement. An escrow is an agreement that governs the movement of money and under what conditions payments are made. 14 days before the install, the balance is made into the escrow-protected account and is protected in full from there on.

“Throughout my extensive career in the home improvement industry,” says Damian Walters, CEO at BIKBBI, “I’ve been constantly disappointed by the lack of protection for hard working, reputable tradespeople. Retail collapse, sometimes unfair customer expectation, and the economy have hit small businesses hard and it’s not something that we should just accept. The Protected initiative means that a tradesperson will never lose money again if they’ve upheld their end of the deal by doing a good job. And that’s guaranteed,”

In the event of dispute, both the consumer and the installer have access to on-site assessment from the BiKBBI to support resolution. The consumer is fully financially protected, as is the installer, and the entire proposition is underpinned by insurance backed workmanship warranties and the high standards set by the BiKBBI.

For more information about Protected visit and for more information about the BiKBBI visit

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