New Kinerock presenter from Saniflo

To support sales and displays of the new Kinerock shower tray into bathroom display outlets, the team at Saniflo has developed a stylish presenter. The sturdy book-style unit contains six samples of the cut-able tray that showcases the range of available colours and the actual material of manufacture. The presenter has been very well received by the Saniflo sales team as well as the retail outlets. Whilst initially designed to highlight the quality and features of the tray to showroom staff it has since been used as a sales aid with customers.

Ann Boardman, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Saniflo, developed the concept in response to requests for samples.

“The Kinerock is a new addition to the Saniflo product portfolio and available in six different colours. Obviously we didn’t expect showrooms to display every colour tray we produce, so this is a neat way for our salesman to demonstrate the variety on offer. The samples are made from the actual production materials and can be removed from the sleeve if required so staff and prospective customers can get a real handle on the outstanding quality. The trays are available in a variety of sizes – which are also communicated on the presenter and the trays can be simply cut to size on site; a feature that is proving very popular.”

Retailers interested in receiving  a sample of the new presenter should contact their local Kinedo by Saniflo Sales Manager.

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