New plastic membranes prolong vessel life

The Flexcon Premium range of expansion vessels from Flamco features a new plastic membrane and is backed by a 15-year guarantee. The range also offers improved environmental credentials.

Available in vessels of 2 to 80 litres, the Flexcon Premium has done away with rubber membranes in favour of plastic ones that offer high flexibility and low permeability. Made of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), the new membranes also offer a more sustainable product. The TPO material, unlike rubber, can be burned or recycled more efficiently into other products. The membrane is also lighter, requiring up to 50% less material.

Currently Flamco uses the new membrane in its expansion vessels from 2 to 80 litres for heating and cooling. With this innovation, it will replace the existing expansion vessels – Flexcon and Flexcon Top – in phases, starting with the new Flexcon Premium. Already the first medium-sized models (12 to 35 litres) have a plastic membrane. The smaller and larger models will follow at a later stage.

Flamco has also optimised  the packaging and user manuals to be more environmentally friendly. With this holistic approach, the company says it has taken a big step towards an even smaller ecological footprint for its products and production.


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