New tool helps select the right hot water solution

A new online questionnaire has been developed by the Hot Water Association to help both consumers and installers select the right hot water system for a household’s needs. The ‘hot water check’ questionnaire has been created to give consumers and installers logical and sensible advice on the type of hot water system they will need based upon their household usage.  

 Geoff Egginton, HWA Chair, comments: “We know from talking to homeowners that many have come to accept that both bath and en suite shower can’t run simultaneously. They are unaware that if they had a hot water cylinder then they could have both. Hot water storage solutions allow for someone to take a hot shower, whilst someone else runs a fast filling bath; no-one has to wait, or have a cold shower. So whether it be upgrading a hot water cylinder, or installing a new system all together, it is important to consider household need. Our questionnaire helps homeowners do that.”

The online homeowner ‘hot water check’ questionnaire complements the HWA cylinder sizing calculator for installers. If the property requires a unique kind of cylinder, HWA members will be pleased to offer advice on bespoke solutions.

homeowner ‘hot water check’ questionnaire

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