New VIP cylinders make the top grade

Claimed to be the most energy efficient cylinder range on the market, the new Delta Coil VIP cylinder from OSO Hotwater has been developed in response to the introduction of energy labels for hot water storage products.

The ‘A’ rated cylinders are available in capacities up to 300 litres in sizes that will fit in a standard UK airing cupboard. The ‘A’ rating has been achieved by using vacuum insulation panels combined with the latest in foam insulation to minimise standing heat losses.

Manufactured from the company’s advanced and highly automated facility in Norway, the new cylinders are said to be the culmination of years of research to maximise efficiency across the range – from the smallest volume cylinder (120 litres) to the largest.

The cylinders are supplied with a separate expansion vessel and can be controlled via its own thermostat or using a thermistor probe.  For ease of installation, all electrical cables are concealed in conduits in the lid and side insulation, only requiring the installer to connect to a junction box in the top of the cylinder.

OSO says that the energy saved is likely pay for the extra cost of the cylinders in less than two years and a pre-plumbed version is set to be launched later this year.

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