No messing about with new FlueSnug

The team behind PipeSnug – an innovative product designed to provide a smart and quick-to-apply finish around pipework – has launched a larger ‘FlueSnug’ version designed to fit all 100mm boiler flues. 

Removing any need for pointing, FlueSnug can be installed in a matter of seconds and snuggly fits the 152mm core-drilled hole through which the boiler pipe and flue exits. It can be used both inside and outside the property and also acts as a barrier to drafts, damp, insects, and pests. 

FlueSnug also allows installers to quickly access the flue for any service or maintenance requirements, without the need to remove existing brickwork, mortar or sealant. It can then be quickly reinstalled, again saving time and cost.

The new product is said to offer installers a cost-effective way to comply with proposed changes to the Building Regulations, which are set to mandate the need for pipe collars or grommets where pipe enters or exits a home.

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