Online learning to prepare for return to work

With the government encouraging a safe return to work for construction workers and other trades, the current challenging times are gradually easing. Here Dan Wild, Business Unit Director for the UK and Ireland for Conex Bänninger, explains how online learning can help plumbers and heating engineers be well prepared for when lockdown turns into ‘lift-off’.

There will have been some relief among the HVAC community when the government announced a change in emphasis in its guidelines on working during the current unsettling times. People such as those in construction who cannot work from home can now return to the workplace, as long as it is safe to do so.

It may be a while before the recovery gathers full momentum and in the meantime some installers and engineers are finding themselves with more free time than is usual.

As a manufacturer, along with ensuring continuity of supply so that installers have the products and technical support they need to do their job, we have also looked at other practical ways to help. The creation and use of e-learning tools has increased significantly, filling the gap that was created when face-to-face meetings were ruled out.

This ‘spare time’ that installers have, coupled with the greater availability of online resources, has created the opportunity to learn new skills and be well prepared for when recovery comes. It is highly likely that when things do get back to some form of ‘normal’, timelines for projects will be compressed and pressure will be on to complete installations as quickly as possible.

So, anything that can help installers increase their productivity is going to help.

With this in mind, we have developed an installation video guide for our >B< Press copper press fittings solution.

Installation video guide


It takes the viewer through the features and benefits of this flame-free press jointing method, as well as providing a step-by-step introduction to the correct installation process, along with guidance on the press tools and jaw sets to use.

Faster installation, improved safety, increased security of joints and certainty of timelines; these are all key advantages that press has over brazing or soldering.

In fact, a press fitting can be up to three times quicker to install than a traditional brazed joint, boosting productivity and reducing labour costs.

It is these ‘bonus’ factors that have led to the rise and rise of press fittings in recent years.

The press solution also negates the requirement for a hot works permit and the need to stay on-site for hours after installation due to fire risk and health and safety reasons, which can often be the case when working with flame-based fittings.

The new >B< Press installation video guide highlights the industry-leading engineering and design within the product range.

This includes the leak-before-press indicator, which features patented O-ring technology that allows water to pass through and create a noticeable leak path in unpressed joints when tested at pressures from 0.1 bar up to 6 bar.

The step-by-step installation animation highlights key points such as deburring the copper tube correctly, inside and out, and discarding any tube that has scratches or scores on it where a connection is to be made.

Flame-free benefits

Looking ahead, we expect the popularity of online learning to continue and to expand further as it becomes the new ‘norm’.

Also, that more and more plumbers and heating engineers will turn to press as the construction industry re-gathers pace.

After all, why use a system that requires time-consuming hot works, waiting around for joints to cool, when a flame-free press joint can be completed in just five seconds following preparation?

And businesses, eager to get back to work, will also benefit, for with press there is no need to clear a site or keep the public at bay.

Many plumbing and heating engineers are self-employed and rely entirely on their own skillset. So, keeping up to date with the latest product developments and techniques is important.

The new >B< Press installation video guide can be found by clicking here.

For more information on Conex Bänninger’s complete range of fittings and valve solutions, visit

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