Opportunities in online learning

For any busy installer, investing in training can be a big commitment – particularly when time equals money. But with online learning becoming more readily available, Scott Young, technical sales specialist at Resideo, explains how installers can use this opportunity to invest, grow their business and stay ahead of the game.

Many installers would agree that trying to fit training into their busy working schedules can be challenging, especially for those who are self-employed, but making a small investment in learning can actually bring a wealth of rewards too.

In addition to increasing product knowledge, training can also aid installers in becoming more experienced and confident when recommending and upselling products or services to their customers. But going beyond this, training can also help installers stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends to remain competitive within the market.

The ongoing pandemic has changed our everyday lives, and it has also changed the way that manufacturers offer training to installers. Gone are the days when product training meant a trip to a dedicated learning centre. Instead, product training courses are becoming readily available online, meaning that installers can take advantage of learning in their own time and around their busy work schedules without the need to take a day off work.

A look to the future
With a clear direction of travel set by the government when it comes to a low carbon future, investing in training also ensures installers can keep up to date with the changing legislation that is affecting the plumbing and heating industry. Taking the time to understand the changes, along with the technologies and solutions which will facilitate a low carbon future, also provides a great opportunity for installers to upsell the latest products and solutions to their customers, which in turn means more revenue.

With a target to install 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028, set by the government as part of its 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, we are now seeing more homeowners turn to sustainable heating solutions for their homes. At Resideo we offer several training modules solely aimed at installers covering our evohome multi-zoning thermostat. A smart solution, evohome is suitable for almost every domestic household and application: however, more importantly, as homeowners look to upgrade their heating systems to either hydrogen-ready boilers or heat pumps, evohome is compatible with these low carbon technologies too, meaning installers can offer a truly future-proofed solution.

Expert advice in a digital world
But while many manufacturers move to online or self-paced learning, this shouldn’t mean that installers can’t take advantage of expert knowledge too. Here at Resideo we’ve developed a number of live online training modules that do just that. Covering a range of topics, the courses are delivered via Zoom by one of our experienced training managers. Not only does this mean installers can get that personal touch, but it also means that an expert is on hand to answer any questions they may have.

Aside from learning about product features and specifications, training also helps installers stay up to date with market trends and how they affect customers’ choice of heating control. For example, people are increasingly using a central ‘hub’, to control their smart technology. As such, installers will need to advise on which thermostats are compatible with home hubs and set them up to work together as part of the installation process, which also offers opportunities to upsell.

With a variety of courses from beginner to intermediary level available at Resideo we’ve invested in ensuring that not only do our training modules cover the basics such as product set up and installation, but they also take into account consumer trends too. All our courses can be easily digested and completed in bite size chunks.

Resideo online training courses are all available for free and have been designed to cover an increasingly wide variety of topics – from sharpening up on the basics, through to more specialist subjects designed for experienced and established installers looking to widen their remit

For further information or to see the courses currently available visit: https://www.resideoinstallertoolbox.com/courses

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