PEX range for district heating

Specialist pipe solutions provider, Flexenergy, has extended its range of pre-insulated flexible pipe systems to meet the requirements of higher temperature and higher pressure community heating schemes with the addition of PEX pipe to its PB (polybutylene) range.

Three new pipe products are HeatFlex, FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro, all of which have a minimum service life of 30 years. 

HeatFlex is suitable for most applications up to 95ºC and 6 bar, while FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro are designed for higher temperature and pressure environments. FibreFlex operates up to 95ºC and 10 bar, with FibreFlex Pro designed for applications of up to 115ºC and 10 bar.  

All are insulated using CFC free bonded polyurethane (PUR) foam, which is claimed to provide outstanding thermal properties and helps optimise energy efficiency in heating and cooling networks.


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