Plastic valve moves like a butterfly

The all-plastic Butterfly Valve 565 from Georg Fischer is a lightweight alternative to metal for a range of applications. The strong material consists of high-performance plastic components and is suitable for up to 16bar, and tough temperature ranges from -10°C to +80°C. 

Designed to be quick and easy to install, Butterfly Valve 565 comes in the same installation length as metal valves (ISO 5752 Row 20), therefore avoiding costly modifications on the existing piping systems, offering an advantage over its metal opponent. 

The GF valve is 60% lighter than a comparable metal valve, so a single technician can safely and easily handle it during installation. This also facilitates planning, since the lower weight significantly reduces the need for costly transportation and personnel. 

Because the Butterfly Valve 565 is made from high-performance thermoplastics,  it is protected from abrasion and corrosion, securing a longer service life in water flow applications. Metal butterfly valves are subject to wear – whether due to corrosion, contamination, or extended use – and may need to be replaced.  

With the initial cost being comparable to metal solutions, GF says the Butterfly Valve 565 outperforms its metal counterparts throughout its service life, reducing maintenance costs.

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