Plumbed In to industry news

Graham Plumbers’ Merchant has re-launched its blog, Plumbed In, previously known as Channel Graham, with a look and new selection of resources to provide plumbing and heating engineers with help, advice and industry insights at their fingertips.

Plumbed In combines the pre-existing blog with a knowledge hub so users can get information about products and offers, as well as hints and tips, how-to videos and answers to any questions they may have about Graham’s products, prices and services. 

“The aim was to design a platform where installers could keep ‘plumbed in’ to what is going on in the industry along with best practice and legislation changes,” comments Alice Robinson, Digital Marketing Manager at Graham. “We want Plumbed In to demonstrate the knowledge that Graham has to offer its customers and also become a place where installers can go to for help when they need it.

“We are constantly building the content on Plumbed In with new information, videos, articles, product launches and the latest trends on a weekly basis so there is more yet to come for visitors to utilise and enjoy.”

To visit Plumbed In, go to

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