Plumbers could nearly double their salary by emigrating

British plumbers could boost their salaries by over £25,000 by relocating to Germany – this is according to new research conducted by regulated property buyer Good Move. 

The study identified how much 14 professions are paid in the UK and compared this against the ten countries that are most popular with people choosing to emigrate.

Despite the USA having the highest average salary across the occupations studied, Germany ranks first for most sectors, with plumbers there earning an average of £52,402. This compares the average salary for a plumber in the UK coming in at just over £27,000.

However, it was revealed that medical professionals stand to gain the most by leaving the UK.

Doctors could boost their yearly earnings by a staggering £118,675 by moving to America, while nurses in Canada are paid over £40,000 more than those doing the same job in the UK.

For more a detailed look at the study, click here.

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