Plumbing projects No1 DIY disaster in homes

A new survey from Water Regs UK reveals that plumbing professionals are called in more often than any other trade to fix a botched DIY job. It compared a range of typical jobs that are carried out in UK homes and recorded how many people have tried but failed to complete the jobs themselves.

Over 2000 people across the UK were asked which home maintenance jobs they or a family member or friend had attempted, only to end up calling out a professional to fix the problem.

Almost a fifth (18%) of those surveyed said that they had called in a plumbing professional to complete a job they had tried to do themselves.

Plumbers were the most called upon trade, followed by electricians (15%) and plasterers (10%).

Julie Spinks, MD of Water Regs UK, says when householders turn to a plumber to fix their problem, they need to make sure the plumber is properly qualified.

“The temptation is to call for help from the first plumber you can find – but often those plumbers have no official accreditation,” says Julie Spinnks. “Water Regs UK is working hard to educate homeowners that they really should only turn to approved plumbers, if they want to be sure that installers are committed to working to quality standards.

“That why Water Regs UK always recommends seeking a professional plumber, such as one approved by WaterSafe. All WaterSafe approved plumbers are trained in the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws – which help prevent the risk of contamination of drinking water from poor plumbing practices and sub-standard fittings and products.

The WaterSafe register is supported by all water companies and the drinking water regulators.

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