Public reminded to avoid DIY plumbing work

The APHC has issued a press release to the national newspapers warning homeowners of the dangers of carrying out DIY plumbing and reminding them that the government is allowing plumbing and heating contractors to attend to emergency work.

CEO John Thompson explained that even more lives could potentially be in danger if vital plumbing and heating work is either neglected or attempted to be fixed by the homeowner themselves. “We fully support and respect the government’s measures to delay the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable, but I want to clarify that homeowners are able to call in a plumbing and heating contractor to carry out essential repair work on plumbing and heating systems where faults and breakages have occurred which could potentially endanger lives.”

The APHC further warns that amateur work on plumbing or heating could fall foul of the law and go against Water Regulations and Building Regulations.

For consumers concerned about the potential of coming in contact with COVID-19 in the course of professionals working in their homes, the APCH states that precautions can be taken to mitigate the risk.

“To help safeguard the health of plumbing and heating contractors,” adds John Thompson, “we have worked with our members to devise risk assessments and a number of key procedural working practices to adopt before, during and after each appointment. These actions have been designed to help protect the public and our members from catching and spreading the COVID-19 virus”.


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