Pumps dispose of waste water

The Sanipump from Saniflo is a submersible black water pump for use with bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms and is suitable for waste water and sewage disposal from underground pits and tanks. It can also be used for grey water when pumping away from a pit or flood water situation.

An easy product to install, the compact pump is delivered ready to use and can be quickly deployed in domestic and commercial applications where the maximum immersion depth requirement is 5m or less. The Sanipump is small on size and weight – just 13kgs – yet big on performance with a flow rate of up to 11m³/hour and a maximum discharge height of 14m. The unit is powered by a 1500W automatic motor and is activated by a float system. Waste can be discharged through 40 or 50mm pipework from a range of appliances including a toilet, basin, bath, shower, washing machine, dishwasher, sink and external drainage areas.

Two models are available – the first has a macerator pump with high performance robust cutting blades to prevent clogging and the second version uses vortex technology that can pump away waste without the need to macerate. Both have thermal overload protection as standard.


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