PV powered air conditioning systems

The Gree VRF and split air conditioning system is a direct-drive photovoltaic-powered VRF system, claimed to save end users up to 30% on their cooling costs. Available exclusively from Klima-Therm, the hybrid solar-electric units can also be used in heat pump mode to produce heating or hot water – a typical application being to fill a residential storage tank with hot water during the day, ready for consumption in the evening.

Conventional PV-powered VRF systems collect solar energy and produce electrical power, feeding it to a DC-AC converter for use by the VRF. Gree’s system uses an advanced power management system to overcome the need for a DC-AC converter, feeding electricity from the PV array directly to the air conditioning system.

This removes the efficiency losses associated with power conversion, boosting the system’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When conditions allow, surplus electricity not required for air conditioning can be fed back into the grid, giving end users an income from the Feed-in Tariff.


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