Quality and protection combined with comfort

Good workwear should help to protect the user, but there’s no reason why safety and durability should compromise on comfort and style. Maurice Morton, Sales and Marketing Director at Dickies, provides an overview of the kind of products that can only enhance the working day.

As a plumber, you need to be able to rely on your workwear clothing for comfort, durability and protection. Our PPE products are designed to offer maximum protection while also maintaining comfort. The range includes:  gloves, knee pads, goggles, helmets, bump caps, safety spectacles, ear defenders, respirators and safety footwear.

We cannot work without our hands. Injuries to the hand mean the loss of a valuable, skilled employee and a significant knock-on increase in costs. Serious hand accidents may even lead to the end of a career and having to live with a debilitating injury and financial penalties on the part of the employer. Consequential unwanted negative publicity can put a company’s reputation at stake.

We’ve recently developed a new range of safety gloves, including Impact gloves, with a glove to suit the most demanding of environments and tasks. The Dickies glove range is intended to offer something across a wide range of sectors and are manufactured from a range of carefully selected materials, all combining to provide optimum safety, comfort and dexterity.

Metacarpal injuries are common when the worker’s hand slips and the back of the hand hits another object, severely bruising or even breaking the small bones in the back of the hand. To minimise this, our Impact gloves have shock-absorbing TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) ergonomically added as an exoskeleton to the back of the glove and knuckle areas to minimise bruising and breaks. Likewise the same TPR is added to the fingers and thumbs to provide protection against pinching and impact bruising.

Depending upon the intended use of the glove, padding and shock absorbent material, or Duraclad Rope Channel reinforcement, can be added to the palm. Other materials, such as foam nitrile, allow for an excellent grip. An EN 388 cut level 5 knit (ANSI/ISEA Level 4) can provide additional protection. Waterproof variants are also available, as is a patented Diamond clad Silicone fused palm, for the ultimate grip on wet and oily objects. High visibility options are also available in the range.

The comfort of the Impact gloves is immediately apparent when trying them on. They are highly engineered, ergonomically designed items with multi measurement points, and when using the specially designed TPR Cuff puller tab in some variants, the embracing Tricot or Cut Resistant liner welcomes the hand. Some models have an adjustable Teflon treated Neoprene cuff or the Teflon treated synthetic suede fourchette. These gloves not only make the job safer but also make it easier.

Bottom line
The most important element of any item of working apparel is its comfort and durability. Dickies Eisenhower Max trousers feature a new style of Cordura kneepads and trims, which not only look good, but deliver high performance. Cordura is also used on the hem guard to minimise wear and tear.

The fit of the Max trouser is the same comfortable lower rise as the Redhawk Pro. Triple stitched seams ensure extra strength to high stress areas and top loading kneepad pockets make kneepad insertion easy whilst working. Reflective piping adds a stylish detail, which also brings it in line with the other new collections.

Best foot forward
Comfort is especially important with regards to safety footwear, more so when you consider that most tradesmen could spend up to nine hours a day working in their footwear. So any safety footwear not only has to be comfortable and provide support to the wearer’s foot but also be strong enough to withstand the rigours of the modern working environment.

Over the past couple of years the main trend has been for safety footwear to become lighter in weight and more fashionable, which really started with the use of injected PU sole units. The introduction of composite toecaps and composite material mid-plates has accelerated this demand.

Other recent market trends is for safety footwear to look more casual and the need for the upper profile of safety footwear to be lower. The problem with safety footwear is the requirement for a toecap, which creates a more rounded shape to the upper. Part of the solution is to reduce the shape of the upper profile by applying it lower into the sole unit. This allows for a lower profile footwear style, such as the Faxon Trainer.

Quality of the workwear product is paramount and fabrics should be tested for resistance. If most of the range offered is manufactured overseas, we go to great lengths to ensure every batch of products meets rigorous specifications.

An on-site laboratory is equipped to check almost all the items in the catalogue, and can even make sure colours match perfectly before fabric is used to make a new batch of clothes, from colour samples sent on-line for analysis. This is particularly important for corporate or team clothing where consistent colour match is essential.

At Dickies we aim to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations on quality, safety and durability. We maintain a market-leading internal testing facility to verify the quality of our products, supported by third party testing when required, to ensure compliance with all applicable safety standards and European CE levels of certification.


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