Radiators turn up the heat in fire station

As part of a major refurbishment project, Avonmouth Fire Station has seen the installation of 45 Concord Plane radiators from Stelrad.

The Concord Plane radiators have been supplied in a variety of models to fit the rooms in the new station, both horizontal and vertical models, with new radiators for the communal areas – the offices and the corridors – and smaller models for the quiet areas for the team members to relax in between call outs.

“We’re delighted that our radiators were specified for this new building and particularly to illustrate that radiators have a role to play in commercial buildings as well as in residential ones where we tend to think of them mainly being installed,” comments Neil Jarman, Stelrad’s specification manager for the South West and South Wales. 

“These radiators work really well in this modern building – both in the way they share heat around the premises and their aesthetic look which matches the modern style of the station.”


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