Recovering heat from shower use

The energy saving Zypho is a device that is designed to be installed under a shower tray or a bathtub, becoming part of the drainage system and allowing around 10°C from the shower water that passes through the device to be recovered.

The recovered heat is then transferred to the cold-water mains before arriving at the shower tap mixer already preheated, meaning less hot water is required to reach the optimum shower temperature.

“To create the ideal shower temperature of 40ºC, the tap has to mix a large amount of electric or gas-heated hot water at around 60ºC, with cold water coming in at 10-20ºC. But so much of that energy is wasted – it literally goes down the drain,” explains the Portuguese inventor José Meliço.

Over 10,000 Zypho units have already been installed in 15 different countries. The product is suitable for domestic applications, but is also suitable for any building with high shower usage, such as gyms, hospitals, hotels and other businesses looking to cut their carbon footprint and energy usage.

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