Remote programming for risk-free access

As social distancing policy continues to remain in force, Grässlin is highlighting the benefits of its ‘talento smart’ timers, which enables programming from home for installers and energy managers. The company points out that LAN technology enables location-independent access to time switch technology, which means risk-free access from a desk at home to devices controlling things like heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

The company says that the introduction of the app and the PC software for talento smart is already delivering time saving capability. Once engineers have downloaded the free software, they are able to create or change all programmes from their desk and then send the programmes by email to a smartphone or tablet. From there, programmes can be transferred via Bluetooth to the timer in the distribution box.

Although this solution is wireless, it doesn’t work over long distances – it is still necessary to travel to the location, or to have someone on site with the talento smart app, in order to transfer the data.

In the current exceptional situation, the talento smart LAN module in combination with the talento smart S25 DIN-rail timer offers a decisive advantage. As data can be transferred via a network or the cloud, specialists for heating systems can control timers safely and remotely, and from any location.

As well as making communications site-independent, the LAN module also allows users to group tasks and simultaneously adjust the timers at multiple locations to a new programme. The LAN gateway can be scaled from 2 to 40 channels for each module. It can be configured on the device itself, or using the app or PC software. Each LAN module has an RJ45 socket for connecting to a network. The status and configuration can be viewed on the high-resolution display. Those opting for the IoT solution also benefit from a connection with multiple encryption and thus maximum security. Time synchronisation takes place via NTP servers.



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