Remote switch to turn off stopcock

Designed to help people access out-of-reach stopcocks, the i-watercontrol water valve from Polypipe Surestop is a water valve operated by remote control. The water in the home can now be turned off from anywhere in the world using a mobile device. 

The WRAS-approved smart switch can be activated by the Surestop mobile app or via a battery-operated remote switch. The standalone i-watercontrol is suitable for occupants who cannot reach a new or existing stopcock without difficulty. The i-watercontrol features a simple lock-down button to control the water supply so that the entire system can be instantly turned off.

The remote switch can be sited up to 2m away from the water valve and give instant water cut-off. Fitted in 30 minutes to any household water supply, the i-watercontrol is a simple solution to a give peace of mind. It can be used in single or multiple occupancy dwellings with minimum disruption, enabling on and off-site water control.

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