Report reveals strength of UFH market

The underfloor heating market continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK heating industry, accounting for around 7.7% share by value in 2019, according to the latest Underfloor Heating Market Report from AMA Research. In the last five years, the market has reflected buoyant activity in some sectors of the non-residential construction industry, and relative stability in residential applications, both new build and retrofit.

The increasing focus on energy efficiency and the environment has supported demand for UFH systems. It is estimated that water-based UFH is around 25% more efficient than radiators when used with a condensing boiler and up to 40% more efficient when used with a heat pump.

A growing number of installers have been trained in UFH installation, according to the report, which says their greater awareness is likely to boost recommendations to customers. 

Online sales has also seen rapid growth. Although end-users account for the bulk of online customers, an increasing number of installers are also purchasing UFH systems via this channel.  Consumer awareness of UFH is increasing, a factor which is likely to result in further penetration in domestic properties and hence market growth.

Product developments have made underfloor heating systems easier to install, broadening their appeal for the retrofit market. This has led to the emergence of systems (both water-based and electric) which can be laid over existing floors, thereby minimising disruption and speeding up installation.

Growing consumer awareness of the benefits of UFH, coupled with the ongoing emphasis on low carbon heating systems, is expected to keep annual growth rates at 4-6% to the end of 2024.

Further analysis can be found in the Underfloor Heating Market Report – UK 2020-2024, published by AMA Research. It is available to purchase at

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