Research reveals the rising cost of keeping clean

New data has revealed that many in England will pay hundreds of pounds more this year to simply have a shower or a bath every day. The eye-opening analysis from The Bathroom Showroom reveals that over a year, a family of four who each shower every day will pay £221.24 more annually than they did in 2021.

Price data from each water board in England was analysed to reveal the average for the typical person, and also to show which regions are experiencing steeper price hikes than others. In the country as a whole, the cost to run a shower for the average length of eight minutes has risen by 16p a day in 2022 compared to 2021, with consumers now paying 60p per daily wash.

As an annual cost, one person having a daily shower will pay £55.31 more than last year with a price increase to £217.28, while the cost of a small (100 litres) bath each day has an annual rise of £87.60 – running a small bath each day would set a family of four back £340.52 in 2022.

Women are statistically more likely to take longer showers than men on average (9 minutes vs 7 minutes), meaning women face a higher average cost to their showers – causing a gender disparity of £13.72, while the price of having a large bath every day is revealed to be an eye-watering £1,012.57 per year.

Households served by Thames Water have seen the largest price rise from 2021 to 2022, with the average cost of a daily shower rising from 44p to 62p. This means the annual cost of a daily shower has risen by £64.24 per person to a new price of £227.76 per year. Households served by Wessex Water pay the highest price for water, with each person who showers every day racking up an annual bill of £230.68, a bill of £922.72 when applied to a family of four.

Parv Sangera, MD at the Bathroom Showroom, comments: “Millions of people up and down the country are looking for ways to cut down on their household bills, and this data shows that water bills are rising just as rapidly as other utilities.

“We know that this is a tough time for many, and all we can advise is to try and save water wherever possible, even small savings can make a big difference, and saving water also helps the environment to boot.”

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