Rotary hammer as powerful as corded equivalent

The new 18-volt rotary hammer from Bosch for professionals is described as having unique user protection for control whilst working.

  • This D-handle cordless model with KickBack Control offers better user protection
  • The power of a corded tool, but the freedom of cordless
  • Compatible with the ProCORE18V battery and Bosch Professional 18V System

More efficient drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. Bosch Professional is extending its 18-volt product range and is launching the GBH 18V-26 D Professional – the first powerful cordless rotary hammer with D-handle. The tool has an impact energy of 2.5 joules with a high impact rate of 4,350 beats per minute and can therefore drill just as fast as the corded GBH 2-26 Professional model from Bosch. The brushless motor of this cordless rotary hammer contributes to the efficiency of the tool.

When combined with a 5.0 Ah battery, the GBH 18V-26 D Professional can drill around 110 holes (8 x 40 millimetres) in concrete. For particularly demanding drilling and chiselling applications, tradespeople can use the high-performance ProCORE18V battery. Regardless of which battery you use, the Bosch Professional 18 V system guarantees compatibility with new and existing power tools and chargers in this voltage class. 

The GBH 18V-26 D Professional cordless rotary hammer with D-handle offers tradespeople KickBack Control and providing a higher level of user protection. In the event of sudden and unpredictable rotation of the rotary hammer around the drilling axis which can occur if the drill becomes blocked in reinforced concrete the integrated sensor shuts off the motor in a fraction of a second. This prevents unexpected kickback and can therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Better comfort – Vertical drilling and chiselling with less fatigue

The GBH 18V-26 D Professional is optimised for vertical applications, thanks to the D-handle, tradespeople can carry out drilling and chiselling tasks overhead or in the ground with less fatigue. The slimline design and low weight of just 2.6 kg allows them to save their energy. The D-shaped grip provides space for a large switch. Tradespeople can therefore work comfortably in various positions, whether this is removing stubborn tiles or making wall openings in narrow spaces.

The GBH 18V-26 D Professional is particularly suitable for installers who perform tasks in various materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, brickwork, wood and metal. Using the available SDS-plus adapter, you can also clamp round-shank drill bits or bit holders, so that you can drill in wood and masonry and drive in screws. An LED on the housing continuously lights up the working area – for even more comfort. 

The GBH 18V-26 D Professional cordless rotary hammer is part of the Bosch Professional 18V System. The Bosch Professional 18V System ensures a best-in-class experience for trade professionals. Since 2008 all batteries in the same voltage class are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools. Tools are combined with the most powerful batteries and fastest charging technology for ultimate performance and the wide range of body only tools and separate batteries and chargers gives professionals maximum flexibility to only buy what they need. The Bosch Professional 12V System will follow the same principle in the next few months.

The GBH 18V-26 D Professional cordless rotary hammer is available now.

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Comes with:


GBH 18V-26 D Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS-Plus

Body Only

Carry Case


GBH 18V-26 D Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS-Plus

Body Only

Carton Box


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