Series offers a range of ground and air source

The S-Series from NIBE is a range of heat pumps, including ground source and air source models, that also benefit from the company’s newly developed myUplink and myUplinkPRO apps, which allows homeowners to monitor and control a whole climate system from a smart device. 

The NIBE S1255 (pictured) is an  inverter-controlled ground source heat pump with integrated water heater. This ground source heat pump is available in two different output sizes: 1.5– 6 kW and 3–12kW and is suitable for both small and large properties.

The S1155 model has the same features but does not include integrated hot water tank, making it suitable for installation in properties with lower ceilings. A separate hot water tank is selected according to hot water requirements. 

With integrated flow meters, the S1255 and S1155 models can log delivered energy, allowing consumers to easily view heat generation and understand performance within their indoor climate system. New installer features enable remote diagnostics and fault finding of systems, reducing the need for unnecessary site visits. For simple and quicker diagnostics, new circulation pumps with Linbus connectivity communicate with the heat pump to detect faults within the system and create useful alarms.

Other appliances in the S-Series range include an exhaust air module (FLM S45) and an air source module (VVM S320) as well as accessories and hot water tanks (VPB S300/VPBS S300) designed for connection to a heat pump, gas or oil boiler.

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